"Calasanz develops
grounding & balance
for self defense
with student"

Self Defense Training of Bedford:
Featuring Calasanz's simple & dynamic system of self-defense; you will gain skill and develop endurance through various training methods. Our system orients the student to practical responses to self-defense situations as well as understanding your situation and or surroundings that can help prevent a bad situation.

One of the most important things to understand in self defense is grounding. This is a combination balance, strength and focus. It is basically developing control or a mastery of you. If you are in control of your own faculties, then you have the best chance of being in control in a tough situation. The ability to take control of your body and your mind is an incredibly valuable tool to have.

The image to the right shows Calasanz developing this very concept with a horse stance. With frequent practice, the horse stance will lower your centre of gravity and improve your lower body strength and endurance, plus there are numerous instances this technique can be applied in self defense. The truth is you can know all the techniques in the world, but being well balanced, strong and coordinated gives a true foundation in order for real application. Self defense is not a point fight or sparring, etc... it is survival!!! Our system is geared just for that as it is taught in a very effect and efficient way. Try our Free Trial Class and see for yourself!!!

Train to prepare
for all situations
all in the comfort
of your own home!!!!

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